Critical Design - 2019
The critical design project RYSE, disguised as a start-up, has set itself the task of creating awareness of the ubiquitous self-optimisation trends we see today.
Not only as  designers, but also as a society, we should be aware of what such a product can lead to and what far-reaching consequences it may bring with it.

In order to really put the project through its paces, the public appearance as a fictitious start-up was not interrupted at any stage. Both presentations and external impact were - deliberately - not commented on, but advertised in a confrontational manner.
The exaggerated appearance as a service provider for polyphysical sleep and a system that can take away part of people's humanity was thus charged with moral and ethical questions. The public discourse thus led to much attention and critical questioning and confrontation, but also to admiration and enthusiasm towards the holistic product. The aim here was to obtain a broad spectrum of opinions, which were not collected in the context of the research, but in support of and to complement the project itself. By selecting comments that were particularly critical or supportive, it was possible to show the importance and sensitivity of the project in a striking way, and thus to promote further discussion.
Exciting aspects here were, on the one hand, the complete self-evidence as a real start-up without emerging doubts, which could lead the people reached to classify RYSE as too far-fetched. In all cases, the project was classified as plausible by the zeitgeist. On the other hand, the project was extremely polarising, but there was significantly more encouragement and interested contact than previously assumed. 
This underpins the relevance of the designed topic and the - often unfortunately not very profound - questioning of society on digital, social or ethical changes.
The very polarising reception of the project can on the one hand be seen as a relief, as critical voices lead to discussion, but the positive reception of the project, especially from the designer's point of view, is partly shocking.​​​​​​​
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